WCR The Outlaw Daddies

June 4, 2017

The Outlaw Daddies are in Studio. They've got a new CD out and alot to say about local roots music, guitars and Jeff introduces us to "Rap a billy"! 


WCR 20 Live at the Beatnik Bandito

May 7, 2017

Live in front of our first audience, "Stump off" with Richie Valens trivia, Jeff talks about freaking his neighbors out with a skipping record, JP, Anthony, Dave and the Pope all join in on the "Bumpers" We had a good time, you need to listen in. 


WCR 19 Echo Sparks

May 6, 2017

Echo Sparks in Studio, why haven't you listened yet? Folk, Rockabilly and OC "Twang" Download this!


Westcoast Ramble 18 The Colony Boys

April 13, 2017

This week The Colony Boys are rock and rolling the studio.  A group of young guys playing it "the Right Way!"


WCR 17 Talkin’ with Big Sandy

April 4, 2017

Hey Big Sandy, How did it all start for you?, Stories from the road, Grand Ole Opry, Paul McCartney , plus Big Sandy and Jeff Trivia "Stump off"


WCR 16 We’ve gone plum Hollywood

March 30, 2017

This week we skip the music and bring you some of our favorite movie qoutes, they might be some of yours too. We've gne plum Hollywood!


WCR 15 The Rockin Rebels

March 23, 2017

The Rockin Rebels past and present. How they helped get alot of us into this music. 1981 KROQ, Bingenheimer, X, Blasters, Red Devils, Jimmy and the Mustangs.  Plus a new CD "Road Trip"


WCR 14 The Deluxe Brothers

March 16, 2017

Rockabilly, touch of hot jazz. And Jeff is still mad at Gary Busey about The Buddy Holly Story


Westcoast Ramble Episode 13 Jeff West and the Witwoods

March 10, 2017

What is a "Witwood" ? Sounds like the Buck Owens meets Everly Brothers in my opinion, but judge for yourself. Great Stories and Music from our own Jeff West.


Westcoast Ramble 12 Pope Paul & The Illeagals

February 28, 2017

Pope Paul and the Illeagals. OC music scene (Good or Bad??), meeting your heros while gigging with them. Plus 4 Pope Paul origionals!!!!